Panasonic EP-MAJ7 最新款 XYZ 立體按摩椅



  • 全身「溫感」按摩功能,讓頸、肩、背、腰至腳部得到全身溫暖按摩體驗
  • 6組全自動按摩程式:揉撫放鬆、揉按鬆弛、深層指壓、身體伸展、頸部重點、腰部重點
  • 身體伸展程式,有效讓頸背肌肉全面伸展
  • 手部局部氣墊按壓,針對不同痠痛部位
  • 肩膊抓捏式按摩,配合手臂至腳腕氣墊按摩,兼容腳底穴位按摩,全面舒緩疲勞
  • 靈活腳墊調校,適合不同身高人士使用
  • 應技術,自動調校至最準確按摩位置






顏色: 黑色

Panasonic EPMAJ7 XYZ 立體按摩椅

  • 「溫感」按摩功能,讓頸、肩、背至腰部得到溫暖按摩體驗
  • 提昇揉合「指壓」、「揉捏」、「揉撫」、「推拿」、「敲打」等按摩精粹,技法細緻到位
  • 9組全自動按摩程式:揉撫放鬆、揉按鬆弛、深層指壓、身體伸展、頸肩重點、肩甲放鬆、腰臀重點、軀幹舒緩、10分鐘速按
  • 新增「腰臀重點」程式,透過氣墊將臀部升高,按摩滾輪直接刺激臀部深層的「梨狀肌」及四周肌肉群,有效讓腰部疲勞一掃而空
  • 新設腳部按摩滾輪,配合兩側氣墊按壓腳掌及小腿,直擊腳底不同穴位
  • 升級版身體伸展程式,有效讓頸、背、腰、盆骨全面伸展
  • 手部局部氣墊按壓,針對不同痠痛部位
  • 可隨意選擇5級程度的按摩力度及針對不同部位的氣墊按壓強度
  • 靈活腳墊調校,配合不同身高人士使用
  • 個人按摩程式記憶功能
  • 先進電子光學及體壓感應技術,自動調校至最準確按摩位置
  • 電動椅背及腳墊角度調校(120°-170°)
  • 顏色:黑
  • 尺寸:(高 x 闊 x 深)115 x 90 x 130厘米(未傾斜時)/(高 x 闊 x 深)72 x 90 x 200厘米(傾斜時)
  • 重量:約87千克

Panasonic 的MAJ7 按摩椅擁有新一代的Real Pro ULTRA 按摩機能。運用Panasonic 專有的位置和力度微處理機(Position and Force Microprocessor),Real Pro ULTRA 是唯一能夠全程持續感應按摩的力度,並能即時根據使用者感受調整的按摩技術。Real Pro ULTRA 同時還提供強化的3D 按摩並採用定點紅外線加熱功能,以模仿專業按摩師拇指和手掌的溫感按摩,能達到158種大師級的精細按摩手法。 Panasonic 企劃部副總裁Izumi Tomozawa表示,Real Pro系列一直高佔日本按摩椅市場份額第一的寶座,而 MAJ7 按摩椅一推出,連續9個月佔據市場銷售首位,並達到顧客滿意度94%。(據Panasonic 2017年Real Pro EP- MAJ7顧客滿意度調查問卷)

Personal Masseuse at Home

The Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Prestige Massage Chair combines Thermal Massage Technology with Professional Massage and Stretching Techniques to simulate the restorative hands of a professional masseuse at home.

Full Body Comfort

Upholstered in supple, high-quality black synthetic leather, this exceedingly comfortable massage lounger is meticulously built to replicate the skill, experience and invigorating massage therapy techniques of a masseuse and the restorative sensation of hot-stone therapy.

Full Body Renewal

From neck, back and shoulders to hands, calves and feet, double-heated, multi-directional massage rollers operate interactively to stretch, soothe and relax tense, tired muscles and help increase blood flow with an extended range of massaging motion.

Unique 3D Massage System

To help promote good health through muscle relaxation and increased blood flow throughout the body, the Panasonic massage chair uses a high-performance motor that directs soothing rollers up and down, left to right and front to back.

Junetsu Kneading Techniques

Massage rollers mimic soothing Junetsu massage techniques with ultra-fine, thumb-like circular kneading motion to quickly loosen tight muscles and invigorate tired muscles.

Ten different kneading programs :

  • 3D Neck Kneading.
  • Neck Kneading.
  • Side Neck Kneading.
  • Shoulder Kneading.
  • Upper Back Vertical Kneading.
  • Upper Back High Speed Kneading.
  • Middle Back Kneading.
  • Lower Back Vertical Kneading.
  • Full Back Pressure Kneading.
  • Waist Kneading.

Target the acupoints in the back and neck to help promote invigorating energy.

Dual Zone Heated Massage

Innovative, built-in thermal massage rollers create soothing warmth to relax sore, tense muscles head to toe. A new Shiatsu Heated Foot Massage feature helps alleviate stiffness in aching feet with the combination of heat and soothing pressure.

Full-Body Air Bag Massage

Individual air cells within the chair stretch deep into muscle tissue to help improve flexibility and circulation, while releasing tension in the shoulders, arms, palms, hips, thighs, glutes, legs, calves and feet.

Personalized Massage Treatment

With the advantage of Panasonic’s body scan technology, this advanced luxury massage chair uses pressure sensors to scan and create a virtual map of the back. This enables massage rollers to move precisely along the back for a personalized massage tailored to the unique curves of your spine.

Six Automatic Programs

Your choice of convenient, relaxing massage techniques include six pre-set programs each designed to target individual treatment needs. Choose from programs for neck, shoulders and lower back, or programs for the full back including Shiatsu, deep, Swedish and stretch.

Custom Combination Massage Programs

You can also manually select a technique, a combination of techniques and a specific area of the body to enjoy the massage that fits your needs or mood.

Select from massage techniques that include ultra knead, Shiatsu, knead, Swedish or rolling. And from targeted body areas like the neck, shoulder, middle back, lower back or full back to fully customize your massage with up to 110 different combinations of body areas and techniques.

Tethered remote 

Tethered remote

A tethered remote control maximizes massage convenience with one-touch buttons for automatic massage programs and intensities, combine and program manual programs and control all other massage chair functions.

Complement Any Décor

When not in use, the luxurious MA73 quickly converts into a stylish, high-comfort armchair. And, the reversible ottoman lets you sit back with your feet comfortably up. Built in-rear wheels make it easy to position the chair in any room or area, as well as clean around and beneath.



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Panasonic EP-MAJ7 最新款 XYZ 立體按摩椅

Panasonic EP-MAJ7 最新款 XYZ 立體按摩椅

  • 全身「溫感」按摩功能,讓頸、肩、背、腰至腳部得到全身溫暖按摩體驗
  • 6組全自動按摩程式:揉撫放鬆、揉按鬆弛、深層指壓、身體伸展、頸部重點、腰部重點
  • 身體伸展程式,有效讓頸背肌肉全面伸展
  • 手部局部氣墊按壓,針對不同痠痛部位
  • 肩膊抓捏式按摩,配合手臂至腳腕氣墊按摩,兼容腳底穴位按摩,全面舒緩疲勞
  • 靈活腳墊調校,適合不同身高人士使用
  • 應技術,自動調校至最準確按摩位置