Brio 4D L型軌道零重力按摩椅



Brio 4D L型軌道深層按摩,從上頸部到下臀部,甚至後大腿,都能一一的按摩到位,好像請了一位特別的物理治療師,在睡前按摩一下,放鬆全身肌肉,保證好眠。對於五十肩或坐骨神經痛的舒緩,特別有幫助!從輕柔到強勁,Brio在每個不同的按摩程序中,不斷調整按摩強度,全身氣囊按摩,搭配輕撫揉捏、強勁按壓,重現專業按摩師的專業按摩手法,徹底舒緩你的背部,頸部,臀部和臀肌。



Brio Massage Chair

Rejuvenation and distinctive style for health and home. Take a vacation from your everyday. Make your escape in the Positive Posture Brio massage chair recliner. Its L-Track Massage Technology means that Brio provides a true full-body massage from head to toe delivering relaxing relief to areas often missed by other massage chairs. Programmed with ten expertly choreographed massages, the Brio also offers hundreds of manual massage combinations to provide customized relief. Quiet your body, clear your mind, and loosen your muscles…and do it all in a high-quality shiatsu massage chair in the comfort of your own home.

Remarkable Design

For 45 years, Paul Zaidman has shaped iconic furnishings from cues gathered while traveling the world on design retreats. “I am fascinated by the modernist style and inspired by pure design and exemplary architecture.”

Brio Massage Chair Features

  • Intelligent Soft 4D motion is based on traditional Chinese massage techniques
  • L-Track design mimics your body’s shape to provide a full-body massage from neck through the glutes
  • True Zero Gravity® position improves blood circulation and alleviates joint and spine pressure
  • Soothing, effectual heat can be felt in the lower back and feet
  • Acupressure Point Locator scans and customizes all sessions
  • Lay flat positioning with 157° of back recline and 80° of footrest raise
  • Full Body Air Massage includes attention on arms, calves, hips, and outer thighs
  • Wall Hugging design allows for placement anywhere in your home or office
  • 10 programmed massage sessions as well as manual capabilities
  • Foot rollers offer a gentle stimulation on your soles
  • Stylish remote control combines innovative design and functional simplicity

Brio Massage Chair Specifications

Width 33.5″ (85 cm)
Height 48″ (122 cm)
Upright Length 59″ (149.86 cm)
Recline Length 80″ (203.2 cm)

Weight (Net) 317 lbs (144 kg)
Weight (Boxed) 196 lbs (89 kg) (box 1)
Weight (Boxed) 121 lbs (55 kg) (box 2)

120 Volts AC / 60 Hertz (USA and Canada Recliners)

Breakaway power cord


  • Synthetic Leather
  • User Weight Limit 265 lbs (120 kg)
  • User Height Range 5’0″-6’5″
  • 6 Motors
  • 2 Air Pumps
  • Handheld Remote
  • 10 Pre-Programed Sessions
  • 9 Manual Massage Types
  • 56 Air cells
  • Heat



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Brio 4D L型軌道零重力按摩椅

Brio 4D L型軌道零重力按摩椅

Brio 4D L型軌道深層按摩,從上頸部到下臀部,甚至後大腿,都能一一的按摩到位,好像請了一位特別的物理治療師,在睡前按摩一下,放鬆全身肌肉,保證好眠。對於五十肩或坐骨神經痛的舒緩,特別有幫助!從輕柔到強勁,Brio在每個不同的按摩程序中,不斷調整按摩強度,全身氣囊按摩,搭配輕撫揉捏、強勁按壓,重現專業按摩師的專業按摩手法,徹底舒緩你的背部,頸部,臀部和臀肌。