Sōl 零重力按摩椅


Postive Posture Sol 零重力按摩椅,以经济的价格享受完全的舒适。





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Add a ray of sunshine to your everyday. Make a space for yourself. Sit back and unwind in your Sōl massage chair. Quiet your body and mind while you let Sōl’s L-track massage relieve your shoulders, low back, glutes, and hamstrings. Proprietary Comfort Wave™ motion uses traditional Chinese side-to-side massaging to boost energy and improve circulation. Air cells in the attached leg rest gently knead and relieve tight calves. The Sōl features programmed and manual sessions and a conveniently located USB port for charging your smart device. Sōl: complete comfort at an economical price.

Sōl Massage Chair Features

  • Sol 零重力按摩椅,L-track按摩可以缓解肩部,背部,臀部和腿部酸痛。
  • 专有的Comfort Wave™功能,使用中国传统的按摩手法,能够改善血液循环、增加身体含氧量,让您更有活力。
  • 加热按摩,更能让您深层放松。红外线疗法,温暖你的下半身,增加血液流动,让紧张的肌肉舒缓放松。
  • 便利的USB插口,在使用按摩椅时,也可以让手机充电。

Sōl Massage Chair Specifications and Warranty

Reclined: 58″ (147 cm) L x 27″ (68.5 cm) W x 30″ (71 cm) H
Upright: 46″ (117 cm) L x 27″ (68.5 cm) W x 35″ (89 cm) H
Seat Width: 17″ (43 cm)
Seat Depth: 15.5″ (40 cm)

Weight (Net) 110 lbs (50 kg)
Weight (Boxed) 143 lbs (65 kg)

120 Volts AC / 60 Hertz (USA and Canada Recliners)


  • Synthetic Leather
  • User Weight Limit 190 lbs (85 kg)
  • User Height Range 5’0″-6’2″
  • Reclining Angle: Approximately 123° to 157° against flat floor
  • Stroke Length: 45″ (114 cm)
  • 2 Pre-Programed Sessions
  • Program Timer: Approximately 15 minutes
  • 5 Manual Massage Types
  • Heat
  • Designed and developed in Boulder, Colorado
  • Model Number P1900

Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-Year Limited Repair or Replacement Warranty.


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Sōl 零重力按摩椅

Sōl 零重力按摩椅

Postive Posture Sol 零重力按摩椅,以经济的价格享受完全的舒适。